2 May 2007

Belated Postcards - Annecy

Introducing my new Les Nuits Masquées feature, a series of travel anecdotes and photos from all over the world. I have named this cool new feature "Belated Postcards" because they are after all, restrospective, in that they were taken (by me) over many years of globe-trotting. So there will be photos from different years, not in any order, and from a great number of places, really, I'm not kidding. Lots of photos from many places in the world... well the bits I've seen anyway. So to some of you, it won't be that many bits - who am I kidding, some of you have travel opportunities that I could only dream of - but then again to me, they are good bits, precious bits, they are my life and if I share this with you, it is because I want to celebrate this beautiful planet. So then, it begins with Annecy.

This is lake Annecy, France's second largest lake and the cleanest. The lovely city of Annecy is located south of Geneva in eastern France. So it is not far from the French Alps meaning that lovely clean water has fed into the lake. There are many swimming and water sport activities to be enjoyed around the lake's vicinity.

All these photos were taken in the morning on 12 July 2005.
We drove to Annecy from Dijon and parked around the lake before proceeding on foot to the old town. Markets were being held during that day. I can still smell the array of fresh breads, the many French cheeses and I think there was a chocolate confectionary factory as well where you could complete a short interactive course and receive chocolate freebies afterwards. Pity I didn't get a chance to try that but I opted instead for my favourite: a Nutella/chantilly gauffre from one of the many Gauffres/Crepes stalls.

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