5 March 2008

Tran Tien Genealogy Index

Index of the Tran Tien Genealogy

A Vietnamese Wedding

Phuong Lan - Anecdotes

Courting Phuong Lan

Yves Candeau's Blog

Phuong Lan - Journey to Paris

Phuong Lan - A Vietnamese Woman in Paris

Origins: Migrants from China

Tran-Duong-Thuan - Cult name "Thi-Tho" (1611 - 1688)

Tran Hong (1681 - 1730)

Tran Ton (1675 - 1714)


Tran Vy (1715 - 1795)

Tran Sy Ich (1743 - 1814)

Tran Trieu Duc (1776 - 1825) - Prefect of Tan-Dinh


Tran Tien-Thanh (1813 - 1883) - Regent of the Annam Empire

New Beginnings

Tran Tien Dan (1850 - 1881)

Tran Tien Muu (1868 - 1911) - Chief of Nghe-An Province

Tran Tien Thuoc (1892 - 1967) - Chief Archivist of the Royal Library, Hue


Angela said...

Hello. I was surfing about the web idly looking up historical information about the Vietnamese surname Tran and wound up on your page.

I'm half Viet but due to the divorce of my parents when I was really young I don't have any real tie to my heritage.

I enjoyed reading your posts and was wondering how I might be able to track the path and history of my name if I can't speak Vietnamese or French. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

yours, Ange

Editor said...

Hi Angela,

Thank you, for your comments.

If you keep in contact with your parents, you may be able to interview them to obtain background information such as location, dates and further ancestral names.
Also depending on where your family has lived (e.g. US), you could also start your research by looking at online databases for the surname TRAN.
If you wanted to look further back in time and depending on your family's original location within Vietnam, you may be able to obtain local family registries or gia pha. The gia pha (family history) records were maintained by local administrators who were encouraged to record birth, marriage and death dates.

Nhu Ngoc said...

Hello, it just happens that I see this website talking about Tran Tien Family. It's a useful website. My mom's is from Tran Tien Family. I guess she is same generation with you grandma or older because I see Mr. Tran Tien Tranh is your grandmother's cousin while he calls my mom is "Co" (aunt). I would like to know where did you get all the information beside your grandmother's stories? Is your grandmother still alived? I know there are many Tran Tien Family members in Paris and US. Again, thank you for the information on your website, I enjoy it. Sincerely yours, Nhu-Ngoc.