26 April 2012

A Novel Set in Ming China

It warms me to know that people are still interested in this blog even though I no longer post here.
Please, if you want to keep reading me, and I thank you kindly for this, you can find me here.

But since I have your attention...  : )

I think it is only fair, since this blog has been the platform for much rambling and musings about a 'certain' historical novel set in Ming Dynasty China, that I should let readers of Les Nuits Masquées know before anyone else, that this novel is now a visual reality. I mean it!

Designer, Caryn Gillespie has produced gorgeous artwork for it. I am so pleased with this cover that I just had to post it here even though the novel is not due for release until August 2012.

I love the languorous vermillion eyeshadow and the ripe-cherry lip makeup.

I believe any self-respecting Ming concubine would be proud to be so made up.  Don't you think?