8 April 2008

Tran Hong

Nothing much is known of Tran-Duong-Thuan's first son, Tran Tong. Like his father, he was a Chinese migrant to the Dai-Viet. In 1714, he and his wife died of cholera following an epidemic which had spread in the region. When he died at 71, he left a son called Tran Ton. He received the cult name Duc Thien Tran Tong and his remains are on the slope of a hill situated in the hamlet of Ma-da not far from the village of Phan Xa in the province of Quang Tri.

I will now look at Tran Hong who was Tran-Duong-Thuan's second son.

Hong was a sino-vietnamese born on 13 May 1681. He studied Chinese medicine.

In this period, he was a renowned and well respected doctor, particularly in the Gia Định province where he practiced for more than 10 years.

It should be noted, however, that before the French colonization, the official Vietnamese name of Saigon was Gia Định. In 1862, the French discarded this official name and adopted the name "Saigon", which had always been the popular name.
- Wikipedia, Ho Chi Minh City

In his spare time, Hong consecrated his time on genealogical research.

His wife was called Dac. She originated from the village of Su-lo-ha. Dac gave him 6 children:

  • Three boys: Dai-dao, Dai Duyen, Dai-Thinh
  • Three girls: Thi-Linh, Thi-Nhan, Thi-Sanh

On 11 March 1730, Tran Hong died at the age of 50. His funerary eulogy was pronounced by M. Nguyen Bai, another medical practitioner from the region who was himself retired at the time.

His cult name is Man Chanh Tran Hong.
His remains are at the foot of the mountain in the village of Duong Xuan in the district of Huong Tra.

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