1 April 2008

Melbourne Fun

I've just come back from an extended weekend in Melbourne and thought I'd share some experiences.

Oh Crap

Here's a photo I took on Swanston St.
Now you tell me, who has more attitude, Matthew Flinders or the seagull?

Upon closer inspection, it appeared as though Melbourne's birds had eagerly baptised Mr Flinders with their excrement.

Is that bird French?

Poor Mr Flinders. After his unjust imprisonment by the French, he became ill but he toiled for years on his book, A Voyage to Terra Australis. Strangely, he died only one day after his book was published. I can not imagine more passion and dedication than to be so close to death but refuse to die until your work is accomplished.

Food Frenzy

Well as you know, Melbourne is a culinary treat.

On the last day, we had lunch in Bistro Vite, an excellent French restaurant on Southgate with a slightly rustic interior. I was tempted by the Steak Tartare and Frites but doubting that they would serve horse in Australia, I opted for the Bouillabaise. The last time I ate a decent Bouillabaise was in Marseille so I was in for a long awaited treat. Check it out.

Can you just smell the saffron? Notice that Bistro Vite's Bouillabaise comes with coriander sprigs. I thought that was interesting and much to my delight, the rouille married well with the coriander. The seafood was tender and flavoursome. I especially liked to dip my French fries in the sauce...

The night before this, we sat inside the brick walled Pasta Rustica on Lygon St and I got drunk on a Penne Pescatore in white wine. The night before that, I was tucking in an Osso Bucco in Hardware Lane and downing it with a Rothbury Estate Cabernet Sauvignon.

None of these meals were expensive. That's the beauty of Melbourne. Prices are competitive because almost everywhere you eat, the food is high quality, delicious and the serves are very generous.
Why can't Brisbane be a little more like Melbourne?

Cheap Thrills

This bit is rated R.

Since I enjoy scaring myself occasionally, I had enormous fun one night imagining that the RMIT building was a haunted castle from some Italian horror flick. As I walked down Russell St, on my way to a comedy show, I took a few shots of what I like to think will be the set of a future Australian horror movie.

I particularly like the fact that the RMIT is immediately adjacent to the Old Melbourne Gaol. This convenient location can not be a coincidence. I believe that a convict ghost story is in order. Imagine a bunch of students traumatised by a rowdy set of revengeful, toothless prisoners. Gives me chills...

A Man's Worst Nightmare

And finally, I observed the Melbourne tradition and went clothes shopping!

Well, not exactly. Instead, I paraded like a lunatic beside gigantic artwork gift bags on Southgate...much to the amusement of other tourists who soon joined in the fun.

These look so cool! Every girl should have one of these.

One day, shopping bags will come in that size. One day...

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