23 April 2008

My Man Wants a Bub

Well it's no secret that Jason has a soft spot for kids. Whenever we visit relatives, he is regularly assaulted by my little cousins (now 5 and 7). They cheer for him, climb on him, wrestle on his stomach, use him as a guinea pig to play UNO, Legos or Spiderman. They've called him names...let's see, like Muffin Man. That was his name for a good couple of years. But hey, he loves it!

And where do I fit in all this?
Well only about a year ago, when my auntie told her kids that they were going to visit family, one of them asked, "So...is Muffin Man coming too?"
To which my auntie replied, "Yes. He is coming."

- "Is Muffin Man's daughter coming as well???"

Muffin man's daughter, that's me. Even the kids think I looked too young to be Jason's partner. What's the world coming to?

I'm not totally useless. The most fun I have is buying clothes for their birthday. I have an addiction to the girls section in Target and KMart. I could spend hours (HOURS) mulling over little coordinated outfits in pinks, purples and reds. Oh, the Barbie summer dress is to die for!! Oh, check out the little pink cardigan...would she like a coat to go with that...or maybe the mini tartan pleated skirt with the Hello Kitty vinyl belt...etc.. etc...it's fun. I have noticed that Jason doesn't think much of shopping for kids' clothing. Well, until today that is...

Today, I met him in town to buy baby things. It's my sister in law's baby shower this Sunday, you see. So we went looking for newborn bits and pieces. And that's where Jason transformed himself into a real mother hen. His eagerness for his own little bub came surfacing dangerously in the Nursery aisles where he dispensed a litany of advice and recommendations, saying sinister things like:
"I think we should get this suit in a 0 rather than a 000, what do you think?"

He also proceeded to follow me everywhere I went and to make note of each color and size. To make matters worse, he cheered with disturbing enthusiasm everytime I suggested a particular item: "Yes! Get this! This will be so cute!"

On and on it went for a good twenty minutes. I tried to ignore him as best I could since I've always believed that when it comes to shopping for kids, no one should intrude on MY territory. But he was practically dribbling all over the Nursery section.

Muffin Man, you are nuts. But you know what? I love it.

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nadia said...

that is so cute!