11 July 2009

Tran Tien Dan

Regent Tran Tien-Thanh's first son, Tran Tien Dan was born in 1850. He was the third child of the regent's first wife, Luong Thi-Thuy.

Tran Tien Dan never learnt about his father's assassination.

His died at the age of 31 in 1881, two years before Regent Tran Tien-Thanh was killed by Thuyet's guards.

Tran Tien-Dan was described as intelligent and of good character. But he was not attracted to a career as a mandarin. This is attributed to the fact that when he began to embark on a career, his country, Vietnam was going through a difficult period. He therefore chose to take care of family matters which his dad, too occupied by affairs of state, had been obliged to neglect.

Tran Tien-Dan's many responsibilities included: maintaining the family house, improving the state of paddyfields and of the other land areas as they were acquired along the years.

He also occupied himself with collecting the consent of family members for the relocation of graves belonging to paternal relatives so that rather than being scattered in various places, they could be gathered around the ancestral tomb of "Thi-To".

Tran Tien Dan married Cung-Huy Thi-Nghi-Nhan (1849 - 1900). She was the fifth daughter of the Judicial Mandarin Cung The-Du who originated from Thanh-hoa. She gave him twelve children.

Five sons:
Tran Tien-Muu -(1868 - 1911)
He became Chief of the Nghe-An Province
Tran Tien Soan
Tran Tien Thuc (1875 - 1925)
Tran Tien Nhuong (1877 - 1917)

Seven daughters, including:
Thi-Tu - who born in 1879, was honored at the age of 14 to join the Harem of Emperor Thanh-Thai who was of the same age.
At the court, she was renamed Tai Nhan. Several years later, she was authorised to regain the familial home to take care of her mother. I wonder whether this return to the family home had anything to do with Emperor Thanh-Thai being forced to abdicate from the throne after the French declared him insane. Later on, in 1916, Thanh-Thai was sent to exile in the Reunion Island together with his son. Thanh-Thai's own story is fascinating.
Meanwhile, his consort, Tai Nhan had belonged to the Emperor and for this reason could not belong to any other Vietnamese. At the age of 20, she ended up marrying Au Phu Quan, a Chinese businessman from Hainam Island.

Tran Tien Dan was buried in Hue and received the cult name:

In the ninth and last year of his reign, the unpopular emperor KHAI-DINH, incidentally also a drug addict, conferred him the title:

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