13 July 2009

Tran Tien Muu

Tran Tien Muu was Tran Tien-Dan's first son.

After obtaining solid results in his studies, he began a mandarin career under the reign on emperor Dong-Khanh who preceded Thanh Thai. He was promoted to Minister of the Interior (the equivalent of the Home Secretary).

In 1891 in the second year of Thanh-Thai's reign, the Director of the Minister's cabinet put forward a petition in his favour in which he praised Tran Tien Muu's qualities of integrity and loyalty and suggested that he be promoted.

In 1894, emperor Thanh-Thai named him Tri-Huyen of Quang-Tri.

The year after, he occupied the same role but this time in Quang-Nam. In 1900, he occupied the same role but this time for the Nghe-An Province.

In 1905, he temporarily became Tri-Phu of An-Son. Then in 1907, emperor Tuy-Tan also gave him the same role.

In the beginning of 1910, emperor Duy-Tan conferred him the title "THI GIANG HOC SY" and ten months later, he names him Chief of the Nghe-An Province. He occupied this position for one year before dying of a brief illness. At his death, he was given the cult name "DOAN LANG TRAN TIEN-MUU".

His wife TA THI-THIEU (1866 - 1939) was the eldest daughter of TA PHOC-BANH, Senior Mandarin of Public Works. She gave Tran Tien Muu ten children.

Six sons including,

TRAN TIEN-DU (1887 - 1907)
-Remained single and died at 20 years of age
TRAN TIEN-THUYEN (1889 - 1928)
-Mandarin in Chief
TRAN TIEN-TRU (1890 - ?)
-Mandarin of Primary Education
TRAN TIEN-THUOC (1892-1967)
-Director of Primary Education in the Province of Quang-Nam
Chief Archivist of the Royal Library of Hue
Father of Phuong Lan my grandmother
-Doctor - Deputee at the National Assembly
TRAN TIEN-TAP (1903 - ? )

Four daughters including,
THI-TUAN (1894 - ?)

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