2 March 2008

Human Quirks

There are a few human behaviors that I find fascinating albeit unnerving.

Forgetful Thieves:
This is what happens. You share a unique idea or fact with another person only to have them genuinely forget that these ideas/facts originate from you and a couple of days/weeks later, proudly repeating this information back at you, very proud of their ingenuity.
Forgetting a source is not an excuse for plagiarism!!!!
What bothers me is not that my idea has been prostituted but that I get little or no recognition for my originality or knowledge.
In life, you will frequently have to deal with people who babble on about things that you have previously told them but who manage to get all condescending on you while they teach you those very things...

Intellectual exhibitors:
This is another good one. These people endlessly expound on subjects that everyone already knows back to front. They enthusiastically brag about concepts that they've only just recently discovered. In their naivety, they believe that they are the only people on earth who are bright enough to have stumbled upon the information.
This trait seems common in the most extroverted, chatterboxes.
I only wish I knew how to shut them up.
The sad thing is that this sort of person religiously equates other people's silences with ignorance.

Clueless Rat-racers:
My favourite quirk.
These people race to achieve, but without any real desire or need.
They will fix themselves a goal solely because someone else values that goal.
For example, they may choose to fly to Ecuador (hypothetically speaking) simply because you have constantly expressed your wish to travel there.
They may not themselves value this intrinsically, but they will nevertheless make it a point to travel to Ecuador only because YOU wanted to.
Once there, they will promptly send you postcards and chirp about their colorful experiences because the act of going to Ecuador doesn't please them as much as making sure you know that they've been there.
The clueless rat-racer somehow believes that by doing things YOU value, they are outdoing you and can therefore feel better about themselves.
I seriously pity those people. A complete waste of a life.
But I chuckle thinking that they are also *very* easy to manipulate into doing the most sordid things that I wouldn't dream of doing myself.

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nadia said...

what about people with the need to constantly come across as intelligent and knowledgeable? and in doing so, talk endlessly in a passive aggressive fashion to show off. really, how do you get them to stop??