23 May 2007

Bloggedy Blog

I thought that title was funny!!

Armed with my friends advice I've been trying to make myself feel good.

So I am going to enumerate the 'good things' happening in my life today and really really focus on those wonderful things that I don't take the TIME to appreciate. The really really simple things that slip me by because I'm too busy being perfectionistic.

Ok, here goes.

1. I'm not at work today. This means I am free and my own person. No one owns me, or my time. I'm wearing whatever I want, that is, my favourite tshirt from Zara. And no one can piss me off. It's great!

2. At lunch today, I went to Suncrane and ate the BEST Ebi Don EVER! It's simple but divine: two large fried prawns resting on a mound of glorious soft Japanese rice in a lovely sauce. The entire thing is smothered with a partly cooked whole egg and myriads of fried onions rings. I just love it when the rice is damp and when the egg yolk is still intact. I could live on Japanese food.

3. Our fridge and freezer had been disturbingly empty for the last 5 days. It got to the point where I had to force feed Jason with the remnants of some frozen crumbed fish and an old packet of oven baked fries. I added a bowl of frozen corn as a side salad. (I know I'm a shocking wife!)
Anyway, Jason is working from home today so we went shopping and now we have food again!! Hooray!!!
Ahum. I know, you wonder why I can't go shopping by myself. Well if you had only seen the size of our trolley load today you would understand. I tried to manoeuvre it myself but I'm afraid it was manoeuvring me instead.... Hmm. Nearly got run over on the escalator. I'm just a pushover I guess. LOL.

4. I spent last night watching YouTube videos of Asia Argento. One in particular that I loved was her reading in a restaurant. She's great, looking relaxed and without makeup. I love that woman. She is so damn talented and REAL. I'd be her friend any day. Or other things.

5. I got full marks for my mid semester psychology exam. There were 420+ students sitting for that exam and I think only 17 of us got full marks! Sounds shallow, but I feel special. But honestly, I'm relieved considering it would have been pretty embarrassing for an engineering graduate to stumble at a stats exam. Especially when the formulas were provided!

6. I'm nearly finished reading "The Devils" (Dostoyevsky) and I'm loving it.

7. I am blessed with very good friends.

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