16 May 2007

Belated Postcards - Lucerne

We are now in one of my favourite cities in the world. It's somewhere inside the land of chocolate, good manners, snow, watches and UN-everything. Yep, you guessed it! We are in Switzerland.

Ditch Geneva and catch a train across to Lucerne. Here is some of the gorgeous scenery that you can expect along the way. These photos were taken on a train ride between Interlaken and Lucerne. One of my potential retirement spots...

Btw all these photos were taken in July 2005. The following views of Luzern/Lucerne can be your reward after an exhausting climb up a hill. You can see the old city wall on the left hand side of the first photo. These ramparts make for a great afternoon trail if you have the energy and are keen on going up and down the rail-less, steep steps inside each of several watch towers.
The medieval bridge with its hut like hairy roof is straight from some Asterisk in Switzerland issue. Loved it.

I remember really appreciating the architecture in Luzern.

My take on the Chapel bridge. This bridge dates back from the 14th century.

Old me against the Chapel bridge backdrop. I looked like a nurse who'd just been dipped in chocolate! :)

Lucerne by night.


Reuben said...

hmm. I remember Lucerne.

My first opportunity to eat horse, somewhere on the water front there. I turned it down, however, in favour of the cheese fondue. Yummy!

Laura said...

Yummy! Cheesy goodness. :)

I had no idea they had horse...if so, I would have settled for a nice RAW steak tartare. Mmm...