22 April 2007

Melbourne - Part Three

Back in downtown Melbourne, this is the Regent Theatre on Collins Street, the venue for the International Comedy Festival Gala. I took this photo during the 10 minute intermission. I'm standing just next to the underground public toilets which, by the way, are a convenient, common feature throughout the city. Had a great comedy night. The show started around 8:00 and didn't finish until 11:00ish. The following days, we took this opportunity to see other shows, one from Corinne Grant and the other from one of my favourite comedians, Stephen K Amos. He reminds me of French comedian, Michel Lebb.

Melbourne has retained many of its old buildings. This splendid Gothic structure is the old ANZ bank on Collins Street.

This is a renovated bridge on the Yarra River. Far right, you can see the restored "Princess" bridge dating from 1880. Ok, I know, it's not Le Pont du Gard but it's quite impressive...well...sort of. Honestly, I prefer this modern bridge, it has more character. And I liked the view as you approach the city from Southbank.

Here we are then, in Acland Street, St Kilda. This is the window of one of the 5 side by side patisseries gracing this divine street. There is a story behind this photo. Basically I was dying to take a snap and Jason was too scared that we'd get in trouble for industrial espionage (or something...) So I hesitated for a good minutes while simultaneously trying to decide whether I'd settle for the almond roll or the mocha creme gateau...I also fondled my camera to boost my motivation and reminded myself that I was a pro. After all, hadn't I taken some daring shots of the crepes display in Harajuku when visiting Japan last year? I wasn't going to stop there was I? But I stood there amongst the crowd with a fake air of nonchalance, pretending that I wasn't salivating for the cakes, like everyone else. It wasn't until a couple of Japanese tourists took the lead and began snapping away that I had the courage to take this. Hey, who's calling me greedy? You should have seen the desperate crowd behind each store...like kids! Kids, I tell you!! Famished they were. It was a mad brawl to the counter.

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