21 April 2007

Melbourne - Part One

Melbourne City skyline from Southbank.

Melbourne Federation Square - think of it as the heart of the city. You'll find it at the end of Swanston street. It has a very helpful Visitor Center and is across the road from Flinders Train Station and a major Tram stop.

More of the city view from Federation Square, you can see Melbourne's Visitor Center on the left so you can't miss it. Oh, look! It's Jason sitting on the front steps! What's he doing here?

Now if you walk across the bridge from Federation Square, you hit Southbank. This is the gorgeous Melbourne skyline from Southbank.

South Bank Promenade - lined with lovely restaurants. Reminded me a little (just a little) of Paris. If you've visited Brisbane, you'll see an obvious culinary difference here. I mean that, 'real' restaurants. One of them, "Bristro Vite", has exquisite French cuisine and great service. Loved, their toilets too. Tres rustique!

This is further south, in the suburb of Toorak and St Kilda. This is me shopping till I drop on Chapel Street. I didn't buy anything apart from a pair of hot pink pointy heels from Zu and a hot pink tee from some dingy clothing outlet. Not sure what happened there, guess I just don't like brand clothing. But the Bardot there is awesome. There's an impressive Borders inside the Jam Factory shopping center. It seemed like a hundred meters of books but I'm not sure because I was exhausted by that stage. I spent a good hour in there looking at Jung dream interpretation books. Again didn't buy anything because I had already got my fix from the Readings bookstore in Lygon Street. What did I get? "Notes from the Underground" by Dostoyevsky and "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" by Laclos. Also bought another psychology book. Ooops, enough rambling. Let's continue with Melbourne shall we?

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