13 April 2007


The big news is that I've now written 240 pages on my novel. It's an amazing process and I'm loving every moment of writing. Although sometimes the characters won't behave themselves, they keep surprising me and I never know what they will do next. I'm slightly schizophrenic when I write but then again, I'm just saying that to make everything sound more dramatic than it really is. But in actual fact, I'm not crazy.

Just before Easter, Jason and I enjoyed a lovely Melbourne escapade. I hadn't been there since 2001 so there were a lot of new places to see (for me anyway). I ended up writing over 12 pages of travel log while away but I haven't had the energy to enter these pages into this blog. All this energy was somehow sucked by one of the characters in my novel. She's not mischievious, just very willful. She was on an urgent mission and there was nothing stopping her. So I let her have her way. You see, you have to let the characters get their way, otherwise they begrudge you and they never come out again. The next thing you know, you hit writer's block and it's your own doing for ignoring your characters in the first place.

I will see if I have the time to post some piccies and ramblings about Melbourne.

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