11 January 2008

Pretty Frocks for Summer and Fall 2008

Forgive me, I'm not equipped with a fashion vocabulary. Yet, I sense things.

Right now, what has me most inspired are those initial scenes from the film, Atonement.

I want to linger in the evanescent, smokey essence of a summer afternoon. I want to dull about in the gardens of an English mansion. To play with light, sheer fabrics that beg to be ripped. I love the dashing yet soft spoken quality of men's clothing. Creams, various shades of browns, pale mustard, greens.

Yes, that near transparent blouse clinging to wet skin, that little diamond hairclip, those well filled dark eyebrows...

The insolence of that emerald silk gown....

I want wavy locks in chocolate or reddish brown. Pale skin breathing through sheer pastels in creams and roses. Effortless sylphlike waists, free of belts. Nude backs. Plenty of nude back. And halter necks.

Brown boots. Jodhpurs. That last scene from the Illusionist awakened a desire for jodhpurs. To wear with dramatic, crisp white shirts with puffed sleeves and fancy cuff details.

Office wear in cream and white layering.

White everything.


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