21 January 2008

My 2008 Oscar Nominations

Best Actor: I guess the question plaguing everyone's mind (or is that just mine) is whether the evil Academy Award judges will finally relent and deign award Johnny Depp his well deserved Oscar for Best Actor.

That is, could someone please, please hand over that naked statuette to Johnny so we could all, at last, die happy?

So enough said. I nominate Johnny Depp for Best Actor in Sweeney Todd!

Over the years, too many persons have voiced outrage over Johnny's close but unsuccessful encounter with the Best Actor title. He's always come so close, if not for his role in the POC trilogy or in Willie Wonka then at least for Finding Neverland. Personally, I grew fond of his debauchery in The Libertine and thought he could have at least wooed the judges there... But no. Nothing. Not even a nomination. How could this be?
It's the Johnny Depp curse.
Does he have to be black to be granted an Oscar?
Sorry that was uncalled for. But you get my drift.

If not, then why not hand over the little golden man to Viggo Mortensen. He'd have to be my second choice for his hold your breath (and your private parts) performance in Eastern Promises. I can still feel the hard cold tile landing!
Incidentally, there was something about Viggo in that role that reminded me a little of Rutger Hauer. He had that Eastern 'thing'...a crisped jaw inscrutability that was only mildly tempered by a dangerously sexy and mellow Russian accent. It made him ooze polished thrill and hardcore sweat.

Ok... well...
That was fun...
So now on to,

Best Picture - I don't think Atonement should win this but it probably will. I would award Atonement with Best Adapted Screenplay. So what should win Best Film this year?
I'm blank.
American Gangster doesn't cut it either. I can't feel it.

Best Director - Tim Burton may just have something. But my support goes to David Cronenberg for the edgy Eastern Promises. He had me by the...

Best Original Screenplay - Oh, my blog! Can you not even ask this question? Diablo Cody for JUNO. Nothing else will do!

Best Cinematography - This is where Atonement truly shines. An uncontested winner. Loved the warmth of the afternoon light in the garden scenes, the cool underwater shots in the fountain, the soft focus caress on Cecilia as she gazes into the powdery glow of her mirror, the sensual shadows gracing that emerald silk number, the dramatic, misty evening on the beaches of Dunkirk...this film was an immense pleasure to watch. On that note, I would throw in another Oscar for Best Art Direction. Although Sweeney Todd comes very close.

Best Actress - I'm vaguely thinking Ellen Page for Juno but I doubt it. Maybe Julie Christie will win for Away From Her since she won the Golden Globe for Best Actress? I'm getting so good at film award logic....
I suppose those who haven't experienced Angelina Jolie's sultry angst in the film, Gia, will be profoundly moved by her performance in A Mighty Heart. She was heart-wrenching to watch as Mariane Pearl, it is true.

Irfan Khan

But strangely, I was more moved by the police investigation led by the sober, edgy Irfan Khan than I was by her acting! I think, by the way, A Mighty Heart deserves Best Film. So let's rewind.

Best Film - I really want Michael Winterbottom's A Mighty Heart to win Best Film. There is a message in that journey, and it's not anti-terrorist or fear-mongering or anti-Muslim etc... This film gives credit to the people of Pakistan who actually helped Mariane and her family through her harrowing ordeal. Though a gritty, suspenseful film, it manages to inspire. The ideology which transpires in this docudrama along with Mariane Pearl's last message to the narrow-minded media are both extremely powerful.

I think I've rambled enough.

So here are some final Oscar wishes:

Best Supporting Actress - Nicole Kidman for her impersonation of Mrs Coulter in the The Golden Compass . Few will agree with this one!

Best Supporting Actor - My friends rave about Javier Bardem's role in No Country For Old Men so I'd say he'll have to win. For Spain this will be nothing new: let's face it, Javier rocks! And not just when he is chewing garlic cloves and nibbling Penelope Cruz' breasts. Though that was a long time ago...

I also enjoyed Vincent Cassel as the enfant terrible spawn in Eastern Promises...so he'd be my second choice.

Vincent Cassel (left)

Best Costume - Are you kidding? Atonement.

Best Special Effects - How about, the CG work over New York in I Am Legend.

Best Editing - American Gangster

Best Make Up - Sweeney Todd but I'm just guessing.

I will now enter into a deep sleep and hope to implant some of my brilliant thoughts into the jury...

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