24 November 2007

Why I Love Australia

Came across this ugly website today:


Are these people for real????
'the preservation of Western culture'???

Here's a riddle:

What exactly is Western culture and what does it mean to preserve it?

Perhaps they mean: a culture that is more civilised and more peaceful. Or, a culture that has the ability to rightfully dictate to other non-Western cultures how to live and how to organise their governments...just not the other way around. Or, the ability to justifiably attack any random nation in the name of democracy as we define it.

Maybe that sort of Western culture?

Sorry but this really gets to me.

According to psychologists, what we call "Western culture" is one where individuals follow an independent pathway and value self-esteem, assertion and self-achievement. In this culture, mirror recognition arises earlier in childhood (15-18 months) because the self stands out and individuals are tought to assert themselves and communicate face to face.

Conversely, many non-Western cultures would tend to follow an interdependent pathway, which places a high value on one's relationships with other members of the community, one's honesty, reliability and filial piety. Mirror recognition comes later in childhood because socialisation, rather than the self, is more important.

Based on this, I fail to see what exactly this website is about and what aspect of Western culture they are trying to preserve.

In fact, it seems to be more of an arena where bloggers can express their fears and propagate their prejudices.

This is one of their racist articles. Gotta love the non-journalistic approach.
I think this guy should recruit for the next Crusades:


It's ironic given that from what I have read, Sweden is a relatively racist country where immigrants are ostracised in many ways.

There is solid psychological evidence that when people are ostracised from a community they behave more aggressively. Even in a group game to simulate isolation, people who are isolated will report feeling more aggressive. But this article is inferring that immigrants, being mostly Muslim, are inherently violent people.

When I read this filth, I love Australia.

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