6 August 2007

Mélissa Theuriau and Jamel Debouzze

Brangelina is so passé.

The couple that has me most inspired right now is French comedian/actor Jamel Debouzze and French journalist Mélissa Theuriau. YES, THE Mélissa Theuriau. You read right.

So guys, you can stop drooling over the gorgeous Mélissa in YouTube: she is taken.
And not by anyone let me tell you.

Considering the combined talent of these two, I'm not sure who to be most jealous of...

Mélissa was recently voted most sexiest women of 2007 by FHM magazine. Only 28 years old and she's got a Master degree in Audiovisual Journalism and several years experience as a reporter on French television. Mélissa now hosts a travel show on French channel M6. Here is her official French website.

And what can I say about Jamel? Eloquent yet shockingly funny, fun yet deep, intelligent, socially perceptive and HOT....I totally admire this guy. Apart from the fact that I can't get anough of his show "100% Debouzze", I have to bow down to someone who let neither his poor childhood in Trappes nor the loss of an arm following a train accident early in his life, get in the way of his spirit.

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