27 August 2007

Hot Men II

Considering at least one person on the planet has shown some interest in my recent Hot Men entry (thank you for your comment), I thought I'd continue on this dangerous wavelength.

So without further ado, I'd like to present my latest discovery.

I had 'discovered' him a while ago in Russian Dolls, but his detestable personality and immaturity in that particular role severely corrupted his image and I was not attracted back then.
But recently, he came back to me, in the form of Molière. sigh. Let me say that I'm a sucker for French period films, especially when the costumes are interesting and there is light comedy and a dash of romance. The more pompous and ridiculous those aristocrats in their layers and with their airs, the better for my enjoyment. (It is after all, a perfect opportunity to recognise and laugh at myself....) So ANYWAY. Molière was a little slow to warm up but I soon found myself identifying and sensually merging with Laura Morante's character, particularly with regards to her infatuation for Molière...played by none other than the intensely brooding Romain Duris.

Here he is then, in his tenebrous best, as the writer Molière. What I like here is that brutal, shameless gaze which mocks and disarms all pretences.

Most people will have a heart attack when they see this photo and gasp "Ugh, Laura! How could you?" I admit, it's very 17th century-ish. There's that clammy, unwashed hair dangling around a pasty face with kohl-lined eyes. You should see his boots too! And his burgundy leather vest with the corseted side panels. I melted.... Where do I find guys like this???? Someone give me a time machine now!!

So there you go, you are now privy to my latest, dirty secret. Romain. In English, it would be pronounced "Row muh", well sort of. But it sounds so much better in French obviously... especially when I say it. Anyway, here is a more contemporary 21st century shot. He looks like an enamoured artist who just woke up after a night of absinthe.

The second entry for this evening is someone that I've mentioned before. Sorry, can't help it. But he absolutely kills me at the moment: Thierry Amiel. I can't fathom his androgynity. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. (I'm definitely pansexual.) And his smile!!!! Check out his smile!!

The smile is the most beautiful present in the world. It reflects happiness. Thank you Thierry Amiel!!!


Anonymous said...

He IS gorgeous, isn't he???

Anonymous said...

Hello miss,

I'm a french girl and i'ma "fan" of Thierry Amiel. So I'm very happy to see this comment ... I've discovered your blog looking for informations about Thierry. I'm very surprised to see that he has "travelled" near to you. I don't understand where you're from (my english level is so bad ...), maybe you are french and that's why ! But if you're not, it's very pleasant to see that's Thierry's popularity can reach you. Indeed, Thierry has a marvelous smile, as well as he is an the most touching artist I have ever seen or heard.
I send to you a friendly thought from Paris (I hope you've understood this little comment :((() Nathalie.

Laura said...

Nathalie, thank you for your comment. Your English is impeccable. I understand your message and most of all, I understand your passion for Thierry. :)
Very pleased that you could find a like soul in my blog.