3 January 2007

Top 10 Peeves of the Moment

1. Being told by other females that I'm overdressed. Oh, I'm sorry, did i just make you feel insecure?

2. Bouncers who grope. (Although that can be interesting.)

3. Being asked for my id at clubs and pubs when I'm 31 years old.

4. Mothers who hit their kids. Fathers who hit their kids. Parents who hit each other (Dags!)

5. Children who are spoilt, clueless and scream unintelligent things (unlike my beautiful soulful cousins). I recently visited China and the kids there are mostly well behaved. They walk all over the place (that's right, there are practically NO prams) and have loads of energy. You don't hear them whinge and moan. An overload of TV, toys and absent parents bring out the worst in children.

6. Cynics and destructionists. People who assert themselves in the only way they can: by bringing others down.

7. Liking a film SIMPLY because the critics hate it. Just an example of the sheep mentality trying to adopt some semblance of individualism. Alternative, my foot.

8. Hating a film SIMPLY because the critics rave about it. (See 7)

9. Critics who don't read or watch what they write about. (Guys, you could really hurt someone's self esteem here. At least do it properly and not by accident.)

10. Critics who DO read and watch what they write about but totally miss the point. Example. I've seen some reviews of Babel and I have to ask myself what on earth the writer was on when they thought the film's major theme was "Safety".
Not miscommunication or prejudice or cultural barriers.
Just Safety.
Oh, so THAT's what the director was thinking when he named his film after the Tower of Babel. Of course.

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