5 January 2007

In Retrospect

Major events in your life that are bound to get you noticed:

1. Your Birth - you're the star!!! Well for a couple of years anyway...
2. Your Engagement - everyone wants to see that ring and find out how you proposed
3. Your Wedding
4. Your Pregnancy Announcement
5. Newly Born Announcement (see 1)
6. Death - you're the star again!! Nothing ever inspires more admiration and love than a rotting corpse. And everything you've ever done in the parentheses between 1 and 6, every word you've ever said, suddenly takes on a more profound meaning.

Major events in your life that no one seems to notice:

- You're in LOVE and flying on top of the moon every time you think about that other

- You're at a major crossroad, no, not 1 - 6. A crossroad with no name. You are about to take a turn that will make you feel that life is REAL. A turn, for better or worse.

- You have been spiritually enlightened and feel immense inner peace.

- You are and have been thinking about killing yourself.

- You are in the process of creating. You are creating something. Anything into which all your energies are passionately immersed. Your passion draws you inevitably closer and closer to that thing, that sacred monster, born of imagination, that you gave life to.

- You are old and terribly lonely.

- You DO, in fact, notice.

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