14 January 2007

El Laberinto del Fauno - A Self-Styled Review

Last night, after much yearning, I saw Pan's Labyrinth and was most pleasurably transported to a dark, magical world. I couldn't resist boosting this film in Imdb (not that it needs it, mind you).

Please understand, I've written my thoughts not as a 'review', (I don't like that word, it's too final and arrogant in its omnipotence) but as a stream of exegetic ideas which I think are an agreeable starting point for film discussions.
Perhaps at times, I accidentally slip into identification with some of the film characters and you may need to excuse any lack of objectivity that my writing betrays. I hope that through my awareness of that fact, I redeem myself and that you are not prevented from enjoying these most genuine perceptions.

My Pan's Labyrinth comments

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Reuben said...

I cant believe I've missed this gem at the big screen.

Escapism can be a bad thing.

Determined not to miss 300.