23 June 2009

The New Nude

Have just finished all my exams for this semester and feel a burst of creativity surging forth. So it's time to abandon the lab sensors and the glia obsession and dive into some sensual projects...

A week ago, I scanned some old drawings which I estimate to have completed between 1990 and 1995. I wanted to color them in for years but never got around to it, mainly because I sux at coloring.

Since then I've been using Gimp to add splashes of color but I am not a DeviantArt-worthy artist and the effect is far from my ideal effect, let's see... that would be, somewhere between Anime and Boris Vallejo. Yeah, I wish!!

I could benefit from downloading some proper drawing artsy software but I don't know much about what is available and need to research it properly before I complicate my life for no reason. So Gimp is ok for now. I would benefit from a few online tuts on coloring techniques but I'm enjoying exploring with colors per se at the moment rather than dabbling into anything too technical.

And it's wonderful! Today I came back from my exam around lunch, sat on my black leather seat in front of the computer and played for hours. I played with abandon, fixating the screen with delight until I forgot to blink and had tears in my eyes. Oh the joy! If only office work were that fun. I never even looked at the clock and before I knew it, it was 5pm!

Among other things, I've colored my first Nude today. I like to imagine that she's sensually draped in Byzantine blue velvet and waiting for her master. Love her back and enjoyed coloring it.

Roman Slave

Oh yeah... I should mention that there is a running theme with my drawings...
I like to draw women. A lot of them.
Mostly naked or in fantasy costumes and dreamscapes.

For example, twelve of my drawings feature female characterisations of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. I drew them at least 13 years ago and even gave them names. So their costume, behavior and situation theoretically matches their zodiac description. Anyway, will post more about all this another time...

So many things to do in my July break before the next semester begins.
My plan for the break:

1. Write 25 pages per week - that should allow me to complete the first draft of my historical novel but considering I ramble incessantly and always imagine additional details/scenes, I may be at it in November as well...

2. Complete my zodiac girls - and post some artsy entries on this blog. (Don't hold your breath for anything spectacular.) But it's nice to do something creative, it relaxes me so much.

3. Watch more foreign films - Aaargh! I crave films in general. I've not been able to watch many films since May. The semester was unkind. But I conquered and I'M BACK!!

4. Complete the Tran Tien family genealogy - I like to complete my blog projects properly and this is well overdue.

5. Enjoy my Sydney holiday! I've booked a 2-bedroom apartment at the Meriton World Tower so that's also part of the excitement. What could I possibly do with 2 bedrooms you ask? MMmmm...yes, I know. Well, it was a special package and I couldn't resist.

6. Make notes for my second novel. My little brain is bursting with ideas so it's time to jot them down.

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