23 June 2009



When I drew Capricorn, a very long time ago, I had in mind a powerful sorceress. Someone who will put up with no nonsense. Someone who has lived many years and developed wisdom from experience.

There is an intensity to Capricorn, not unlike that found in Scorpio. Here she is hard at work, determined and purposeful. I placed a book on the floor to indicate knowledge and resourcefulness which I think Capricorns usually have or at least, value. The book also represents tradition. The burning candle light indicates that the sorceress is working late at night, long after we have all thrown the towel and gone to sleep.

There is often a playfulness in those earthy natives. It is illustrated here with the sorceress abandoning herself to the joyful momentum of a new incantation while ribbon-like strands of light emanate in all directions from her magic orb, creating a sort of mischievous chaos around an otherwise orderly native.

Sadly I have to admit that her orb looks a little bit like a lollipop but it doesn't bother me too much! After all, the more Capricorns age, the more youthful they become. In many ways.

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