12 October 2007

Watching You Watching Me


This site is being monitored via Google Analytics.

What does this mean?

It means that if you are stalking me, I know who you are.

Yep, I know where you live to the nearest city, what Browser you got for Xmas and what days you were pretending to work while Googling away.

I also know what pages you are viewing in my blog.
It's only fair that since I have no privacy, neither should you. Right?

With Google Analytics, I can also find out whether or not you are a sicko.

For example, my reports tell me if you are so depraved as to Google the words "perky nipples" and land on my 300 movie page.

Alternatively, if you Google the words "Hot Men" and land on my Hot Men or Hot Men II page, this tells me that you have some truly perverted hobbies.
Sames goes for "Hot Women" or "Shaking That Arse".
It's disgusting and you should be ashamed. You possibly need help.

I mean, how creative does a writer have to be with post titles to avoid people like you?

1 comment:

Reuben said...

So glad I use Google Reader for all my blog stalking :)