7 June 2007

Hot Women

Ok, just so you know, I'm one of the biggest perverts on the planet. Nothing wrong with that, right? Problem is, I only perve at women. There are so many gorgeous creatures on earth it would be such a waste to refrain myself from admiring them. Nothing like an honest, appreciative glance in the direction of living art.

And you know, it's a common trait in many women. You have probably noticed the way some women explicitly check each other out and the way female strangers often glance across the room or street at each other, zooming in on the fine details of each other's outfits or hairstyle. Whenever this happens, men like to imagine that it is because we envy and/or are jealous of each other. That's a possibility. But I reckon it's wishful thinking from some men who like to entertain the idea of alpha-female competition. I reckon they imagine all that nasty stuff in order to reassure themselves of their worth. Because I assure you, if jealousy were the only reason for the amount of female perving that goes on out there, then women must derive a hell of a lot of pleasure from feeding their jealousies.

Now I'm getting to the point. One of the funniest things about girls is watching them ooh and aah to one another when they first meet up for a night out. High pitched voices fizzing all over the place:

- You look hot!
- No, you look hot!!
- Honey, I love your skirt!
- Oh, wow! Your hair looks so good like that.
- Where did you get your bag?
etc... etc...

To a lot of people, especially those who are unappreciative of aesthetics, this sounds just like a drawn out compliment seeking ritual and it's severely frowned upon as superficial babbling. But if you listen closely, it's all too evident!! To hear these gals speak you'd think they wanted to tear each others' clothes off and get it on. Well yes, some would now, wouldn't they?
The only problem is that many females refuse to do that. (You know, get it on.) In the dark recesses of their minds, they'd like to pash their hot best friend, well, perhaps, but for some reason, they can't seem to make any moves?? And so it goes.
Ever heard of the male gaze? It's a cinematic term for the way the camera simulates the gaze of men over particular objects (usually naked women) during filming. The 'gaze' evokes male desire. No, not female desire. Just male desire. That's just how it is in film. Anyway, forget it. My theory, is that in real life, women become uncomfortable whenever they exercise a 'male gaze' over other women. They end up sublimating their feelings through an overly explicit display of appreciation for other women's superficial attributes (clothes,hair etc...) That way, they can keep perving but for legitimate reasons.
It's only a theory, get over it. No one else thinks like me.
So who cares right?

Anyway since we're on the subject, I'm going to list my Tops (not in any order).

Women I find HOT:
1. Scarlett Johanssen - especially in Match Point, wow! The best.
2. Eva Green - my favourite Bond girl. Acid on ice.
3. Asia Argento - sigh
4. Salma Hayek - an ingenious, talented person. A true inspiration.

Women who I find absolutely perfect and whom I elevate to muse status. (i.e. You can look but you can't touch.)

1. Rosamond Pike
2. Charlize Theron
3. Sophie Marceau (10 years ago)
4. Monica Belluci (5 years ago)
5. Aishwarya Rai (5 years ago)
Isabelle Adjani would be somewhere in there too...does that woman ever age?

last but not least,
Women that fascinate me, but not necessarily for their physique:

1. Kirsten Dunst - I can't figure her out. Intense. Especially in Mona Lisa Smile.
2. Oksana Akinshina (from Lilja forever)
3. Julia Stiles
4. Kylie Travis - my favourite 'bitch' from Models Inc. Oh, that voice!
5. Asia Argento (especially in XxX)
6. Queen Latifah - I really don't know why. Her smile brightens me up anyday. I get all tingly and stuff...very soulful.
7. Ashley Judd - After careful consideration, I think she was my mum in a previous life.
8. And many strangers...

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